I am Hermana Makayla Dibb, a missionary representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I am serving in the Guatemala Guatemala City Central mission!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


merry christmas everyone!!

we had a good week this week. on thursday there were some girls from utah here volunteering in a daycare. they are members and they saw us in the street and said.. sisters!! so we talked to them and invited them to do some visits with us. We split up and the two i went with were so amazing!! they didnt speak spanish but they shared there testimonies in english with an investigator and the spirit was so strong. It was just evidence that the Spirit speaks every language. It was a good day!

Saturday we did a service project as a zone. We painted a school. It was really fun. Service is always fun!! Look for ways to serve. I promise that if we arent focused on ourselves we will always be happy!!!

I have been seeing a lot of Catholic traditions in these days. Lots of posadas. They walk in the street carrying statues of the virgin Maria and other things. It is interesting and cool to see the culture. But then after we just want to teach them the restored gospel! haha. But it is interesting. Other peoples beliefs and culture. I have always loved and will always love learning about it.

Have an amazing Christmas!! remember the reason for the season and that wise men still seek him!!

hermana dibb

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

la navidad viene ya.

hey!!! this is a month of miracles. Seriously. We had a baptism on Sunday. His name is Victor Manuel Efrain. He is 15 and is so awesome!! He has had such a hard life but decided to get baptized. I could just see the light of Christ shining through him at his baptism. He was so happy. So happy. I love seeing the changes people make in their lives and how it changes them forever.

I cant believe Christmas is so soon. Make it a good Christmas! Focus on Jesus Christ and how we can come closer to him in the year 2016. Start thinking of goals now and this next year will be the best one yet. I cant believe that I left to come on my mission almost a year ago. It seems like yesterday!! I love the mission with all my heart. If you are contemplating on going on a mission or not... GO. It is the most beautiful wonderful experience you will ever have in your life. But it flies by. I am making every moment of the time I have left here.

i love you all!!

hermana dibb

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Woo Hoo

Christmas is so soon!! This is the time to remember Christ and decide to change. Decide to change through him and his atonement and become better. I want to share a poem that I found in a liahona that I love!! About Christ and His Atonement.

I used to believe
That there was a hole
In Christs Atonement
That He could save everyone
Except me.

But i was wrong.
There is not one hole,
But seven.

Two holes in
His Hands
Where they nailed Him
To a cross
At the behest of those
He would die
To save,

Two holes in
His wrists
Where they ensured
The weight of His body
Would not cause
His hands
To rip through.
Before His penance
Was complete,

Two holes in
His feet
Where He stood
As a witness to all
Of God´s unyielding love
For each
Of His children,

And on hole in
His side
Where they pierced Him
To prove His work
Was done.

Seven perfect holes
In earth´s only
Perfect Man.

The perfect Atonement
To patch the holes in our lives.
His holes make us

I was wrong.
There is a
In Christ´s Atonement
For me
After all.

Chirst knows us. And loves us. He will always always help us and heal us and make us whole. I know that He lives. That through him we can become whole. But we have to decide to make His Atonement personal. Is the Atonement personal for you? If not, what do you have to do to make it personal?

I love you all!! Have a good week!!

hermana dibb

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


wow!! cant believe it is already december. Christmas!! i am excited to spend Christmas here in Guatemala. It will be fun to see what they do here .I have heard that they do some pretty different things!!

This week we had a miracle. A few weeks ago we found a really positive new investigator and this past saturday we finally found him to have a second visit but this time his wife was there. So shared with them both and they are so positive! They both accepted the baptismal challenge and the wife accepted to go to church with us the next day. We were so happy!! the husband couldnt because he had to go work in another city. So we called her on Sunday morning to go to church with her and she was ready to go! and she went! it was a miracle because people always say they are going to go and then they dont. But she went and stayed all three hours. with her son. They both loved being in church and learning!! It was amazing. Also a teenager that is preparing to get baptized came for the second time! and i know we saw these miracles because we made a goal with my companion that has to do with fasting. and we started this last week. fasting is amazing. i know that we can see miracles in our lives and the lives of others if we fast with faith and with a purpose.

Christmas season is here and we are all thinking about receiving gifts but more importantly giving. today my mission president said something that really stuck out to me. he said that the only thing that we can give to God is our will. Everything else we have is already his. Our will is the only thing we can give him. So... How will you give your will to God this Christmas season? What will you do to make your own will, His will??

I love you all so much!! I hope that you all have an amazing week!!

Hermana Dibb

The Circus is in Town

My Companion and me

Sister Markham (President Markham's Wife), Sent these pictures of Kayla at some training sessions

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Hermana Kap is so awesome I miss her so much, it was one of the hardest things ever to see her go home but I am happy she is with her family after 18 months of being gone. Hermana Kap and I sang in Zone conference  and then also in change meeting. it was scary but I realized that we need to be grateful for and share the talents that God has given us even when we feel inadequate. So I went ahead and sang and it ended up a really pretty song we put together.

My new companion is Hermana Guevara, she is from Mexico. We are teaching a few people here but are rejected all the time in this area of Guatemala. The area I am serving in right now is a more wealthy part of Guatemala. We just try to have fun and see the positive even though it is difficult and frustrating at times. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. We have so much to be grateful for.

Love Hermana Dibb  

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Zoo!!!!

hey family and friends.

last tuesday we went to the zoo. It was fun to see all the animals. it was actually a pretty nice zoo. My favorite animal was like a blank panther thing. It was super cool!!

This week has been good! We have been working hard and trying to get investigators to go to church. They promise us they are going to go and then they bail at the last minute. It is so frustrating sometimes. Some days on the mission are just hard. Some days in life are just hard. But we just need to keep going and trying!! I want to share this poem with all of you that is called The Race.

"Quit! Give up! You´re beaten!"
They shout at me and plead.
There´s just too much against you now.
This time you can't succeed!

And as I start to hang my head
in front of failures face
My downward fall is broken by
The memory of the race.

And hope refills my weakened will
As I recall that scene
For just the thought of that short race
Rejuvenates my being.

A childrens race, young boys, young men
How I ermeber well.
Excitement, sure! But also fear.
It wasnt hard to tell.

They all ined up so full of hope
Each thought to wint he race.
Or tie for first, or it not that
At least take second place.

and fathers watched from off the side,
each cheering for his son.
and each boy hoped to show his dad
that he would be the one.

the whistle blew and off they went
young hearts and hopes a fire
to win and be the hero there
was each young boy{s desire.

and one boy in particular
whose dad was in the crowd
was running near the lead and thought,
my dad will be so proud!

But as they speeded down the field
across a shallow dip.
the little boy, who thought to win,
lost his step and slipped.

trying hard to catch himself
his hands flew out to brace
and, mid the laughter of the crowd,
her fell flat on his face

so down he fell, and with im hope
he couldnt win it now
embarrassed, sad, he only wished
to disappear somehow.

but as he fell, his dad stood up
and showed his anxious face
that to the boy so clearly said
get up win the race!

he quickly rose, no damage done
behinda  bit, thats all
and ran with all his mind and might
to make up for his fall

soanxious to restore himself
to catch up and win
his mind went faster than his legs
he slipped and fell again.

he wished that he had quit before
with only one disgrace
im hopeless as a runner, now.
i shouldnt try to race.

so up he jumped to try again
ten yards behind the last
if im to gain those yards, he thought,
ive got to more real fast

exerting everything he had,
he regained eight of ten
but trying hard to catch the lead
he slipped and fell again.

defeated! he lay there silently
a tear dropped from his eye
theres no sense running anymore
three strikes, im out. Why try?

the will to rise had disappeared
all hope had flown away
so far behind, so error prone
a loser all the ay

ive lost, so what the use, he thought
ill live with my disgrace
but then he thought abot his dad
whom soon hed have to face

get up, an echo sounded low
get up and take your place.
you were not meant for failure here,
get up and win the race.

with borrowed will, get up, it said.
you havent lost at all
for winning is no more tahn this
to rise each time you fall

so up he rose to run once more
and, with anew commit,
he resolved that win or lose
at least he wouldnt quit.

so far behind the others now
the most hed ever been
still he gave it all he had
he ran as though to win.

three times hed fallen, stumbling,
threee times he rose again.
too far behind to hope to win,
he still ran to the end.

they cheered the winning runner
as he crossed the line first place
head high, and proud, and happy
no falling, no disgrace.

but when the fallen youngster
crossed the line last place,
the crowd gave him the greater cheer
for finishing the race

and even though he came in last
with head bowed low, unproud,
you would have thought he wont he race
to listen to the crowd.

and to his dad he sadly said
i didnt do so well
to me, you won, the father said
you rose each time you fell

and now when things seem dark and hard
and difficult to face
the memory of that little boy
helps me in my race

for all of life i like that race
with ups and downs and all
and all you have to do to win
is rise each time you fall.

quit! give up! you're beaten!
they still shout in my face
but another voice within me says
Get up and win the race!!

I love this poem. Things get hard. We fall. But we must always get up and keep going!! Everytime we have to get up! but the good thing is that we have a loving Savior, who is always there with his hand extended, ready to help us get up and keep going.

i love you all so much! keep on going and keep on trying! Get up and win the race!

hermana Dibb

Monday, November 9, 2015

This Week


this week has been a crazy week of learning and loving the new people and area!! we grow so much on the mission and sometimes in ways we didnt think were possible.

this sunday we left the house super early to go pick up investigators. church starts at 8 so we left at 630. an hour and a half running around like crazy and no one came with us to church. we even got a note on the door of an investigator that said... cap and dibb  i cant go to church because i am not home. i laughed. hahaha. it was super sad but kind of funny. i was so stressed and just sad that we didnt see too much success and we worked so hard! but i know that we have to do all we can do and then just trust in God and allow the people to have their agency. but there is always a miracle you know?? a member brought a nephew nonmember to church and he is so awesome!! we are visiting him today.

we have also had some pretty funny things happening in the street. everyone has been yelling at us in english. but like super funny random things. like... hey.you want tacos? haha. and then some guy we were walking past did like kissy lips and sounds right in my face and it was so funny. oh guatemala. so funny.

the mission is so awesome. i love it with all my heart and cant believe how fast it is just flying by. i know that i need to be here. i know that i am becoming the person that God wants me to be every day here on the mission. it is hard to explain, but i know without a doubt that our heavenly father has a perfect plan for every single one of us and we just have to love it and enjoy it, because it is perfect. sometimes things dont make sense to us but God does everything for a reason, and with time we will come to understand why things had to happen or why we are doing certain things. Having an eternal perspective is so important. We just have to trust our Father and Heaven and do his will and we will be happy. i know it!

i love all of you!! have a great week!!

hermana dibb

Saying goodbye to san lucas toliman

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

emergency changes!!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is happy and doing well!

This week has been crazy. On Saturday I received a call from the mission president that I was going to have emergency changes on Monday and that I was going to have to leave my area. He called me as a sister leader in the mission and it was really overwhelming. On Sunday I said goodbye to all the people I grew to love in san lucas toliman. it was so hard to leave there because i love it there and i love the people. i will be anxiously waiting for the day that i will be able to return to see them again.

now i am in another place called San Lucas. it is part of Antigua, Guatemala. Antigua is a place super famous here in Guatemala. There is a lot of history here. lots of ruins of catholic churches and things like that! not in my area but in antigua antigua. it is going to be really different from my other area but i will be able to grow and learn a lot. we do divisions with the sisters and so i will not be in my area all the time but i know that i will learn to love the people in my new area like i loved the people in my old area and in la gomera.

the mission can be crazy. but it is amazing to realize that God has a perfect plan and his will is perfect. we are instruments in his hands. he can use us to help complete his will. i love a scripture in words of mormon chapter one verse seven that talks about that. we can all follow his example and be willing to do the will of God, even if it is different than what we thought it would be!

i love you all so much and hope you all have a good week!!

hermana dibb

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

photos... no time to write. sorry.

hahaha. we celebrated the birthday of an elder in our district today. super fun.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


This week hermano Jeremias got baptized! It was so amazing!! He was so happy and his family came to see the baptism. they arent members. it was a very spiritual experience and he is so awesome. he got confirmed on sunday as well.

my new companion is hermana santos. she is not a gringa. she is from Honduras, she just dyed her hair blonde before the mission. hahaha. but i love her! she is so awesome and we are already good friends!!

I love you all!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Pictures of Makayla's District and a really beautiful "aldea" they visit in her area...

These pictures were posted on facebook from a member in her area...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Hey everyone!! I hope you all had an amazing conference weekend!! And I hope you all received personal revelation on how you can improve and become more like Christ!! Now it is time to act!!

Here we watch conference in the Church with the Branch. Not a lot of people go which is pretty sad! But we did have a cool experience with one of our investigator that has been an investigator since like april. She is working through a law case with the dad of her daughter and doest want to get baptized with this problem right now. We told her to think of some questions and then come to conference because God was going to answer those questions through his prophets. She came to ALL 4 SESSIONS. it was so amazing!! Because she also lives like 30 minutes away from the church by car so she borrowed money to be able to go to all 4 sessions and she told us that she received the answers she needed. She was taking notes the whole conference and wanted to know the names of everyone who was talking and everything. it was just so cool to see how happy and excited she was to listen to the living prophet!! i love her so much. I am so grateful for the spirit and what it teaches every single one of us.

I hope you all have a good week and apply what you learned in conference!! I love you all!!

Hermana Dibb

we went to panajachel. their is a book of mormon city... hahah mayan city but we all think it is from the book of mormon... under the lake. they have found so many things there... here are some of the pictures fromt the museum.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I am so happy that it is conference. I have a quote that I want to share with you all!! Conference is so important and we need to prepare so that we can receive the revelation we need!!

"The living prophet is more important to us than a dead prophet...God´s revelation to Adam did not instruct Noah how to build the Ark. Noah needed his own revelation. Therefore, the most important prophet, so far as you and I are concerned, is th eone living in our day and age to whom the Lord is currently revealing His will for us. Therefore, the most important reading we can do is any of the words of the prophet... contained each month in our Church magazines. Our marching orders for each six months are found in the general conference addresses, which are printed in the Liahona magazine... Beware of those who would pit the dead prophets against the living prophets, for the living prophets always take precedence."

So cool! Listen to conference with the Spirit and God will give you the revelation that you need in these next 6 months!! I promise!! I am so excited and you should all be excited too!!

Our investigator, Jeremias, is excited to hear from the prophet. We had a lesson with him on sunday. He doesnt want to accept a date for baptism because he thinks it is too soon. I challenged him with another date, the 11 of october. He said no. And I didnt say anything. Then he set his own baptism date!! He said... the 17 of october. It was literally a miracle and I am so happy that he now has a date and goal to get baptized! He is so awesome!!

I love you all so much and hope you all have an amazing conference weekend!!

Hermana Dibb

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This Week

This week has been awesome!!

It is raining everyday. And everyone says that it will get worse in october. I love the mountains and volcano's. They are so pretty and awesome!! 

Hermano Jeremias wants to get baptized, just not right now. It is so difficult because he is so ready and prepared but we are going to keep working hard with him!! 

We are reading the book of mormon in 90 days as a mission. I have been reading in Nephi and thinking a lot about the difference between Nephi, Laman, and Lemuel. They were all obedient in leaving Jerusalem. But the difference is that the hearts of Laman and Lemuel never left. do we live in the present or did we leave our hearts back in Jerusalem, in the past?

I don't have a lot of time but know that I love you all so much!! It is time to leave Jerusalem and take our hearts with us!!

Hermana Dibb


 River running down the street.  Lot's of rain

We were able to attend the temple.  First time since January.  I was so happy...

Beautiful view from up high...

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Castigo Maya

This last week, they voted here in Guatemala and it was super crazy before voting in San Lucas because 4 years ago there were so many problems. Everyone was so scared for voting. The problem is that here in the Zone of Solola the people still use the castigo maya. which is burning. They burn people to death and they burn buildings. Pretty much when something doesn't go right or how they want they burn it. hahah.  There was talk that if one of the guys won as mayor they were going to burn him and the buildings that supported him and everything. But the good thing is that elections are over and he didn't win so no one was burned. Until the next criminal...

Also something fun that happened yesterday. I received my first... and last.... hair "trim" in Guatemala. "just the ends" I said... hahah. And now my hair is even shorter than before the mission! oh well!! Good times!! I love Guatemala!!

I want you all to read in Luke 24 about the road to emmaus. I found a poem that is super awesome and I want to share it. it says...
what we think of as patience may acutally be perspective. The ability to see things as they really are gives us the courage to wait upon the Lord even when life take unexpected turns. The story of the road to Emmaus illustrates this principle beautifully.

Too often we are like those two
Who walked along the road.
We thnk that we are all alone
With none to share the load.

We do not see our loving friend
Beside us on our way.
Carrying us through life´s dark nights
Into a brighter day.

So as we walk our own roads to
Emmaus may we see
That we will never be alone
Unless we choose to be.

I love this so much!! It is so important to understand that we will never be alone. Christ will always be there.

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! Always remember that you will never be alone. Remember that Christ loves you and will always be there to walk by your side.

Hermana Dibb

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Another change in San Lucas Toliman

Well we have changes tomorrow but we are staying together for another change here in San Lucas Toliman! I am so happy because we have some super awesome people here right now that we have found that are progressing a ton.

This last week we visited a reference from the elders in Panajachel. He works at an orphange in the area of the elders and the elders have been teaching the kids in the orphanage. He always listens and is reading the book of Mormon. So we went to visit him and he is super awesome! seriously! He is so prepared. His little brother was there as well and he is super positive. We visited them on Saturday and invited them to Church the next day and they came! It was such a miracle!

The conference was pretty awesome with Elder Nelson. I learned so much! He ended up going to El Salvador and we watched it via satellite. He couldn't come here because there are some things that are happening in Guatemala that aren't very safe. And it wouldn't have been smart for him to come and gather a bunch of missionaries together to have a conference. But I learned so much from the conference. Something I loved that he said is... The Lord uses the unlikely to accomplish the impossible. I love that! It is so true. As missionaries and as members of the church, the Lord uses us to do the impossible. We just have to have an open heart and an open mind. We have to be willing to do His will and he can work through us to do the impossible. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to be here on the mission to do the work of the Lord. To do the impossible!

I love you all so much and hope all is well!

Hermana Dibb

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Another Transfer is Ending

WHAT! I cant believe that this is the last week of this transfer. Next week we have changes! It is so crazy!! Time is literally flying. If freaks me out a little bit. This past week was awesome. We really saw miracles. Something sad that happened is that we received a call that Elder Nelson is not going to come to Guatemala... I was so sad because I literally was so excited! But on Friday we are going to have like a live broadcast from Salt Lake with him. So that will be awesome! Not the same, but still amazing and I am ready to learn so much to be able to change!

On Sunday we had a baptism!! wooohooo!! La Hermanita Carolina Mendez. She is the sister of Fernando. She is 25 and has three kids. Missionaries have taught her for like 2 years and she was about to get baptized like 2 years ago but decided not to. But the Lord prepared her and this was her time to get baptized and change her life! It was literally such a miracle. I am so happy for her and I know that this decision is going to bless her life forever. She has been passing through some really hard things. One of her daughters has seizures and her dad is really sick. they literally have no money. But she is relying completely on the Lord and has so much faith that everything is going to work out. It is so amazing to see her example and learn from her example as well.

I love the mission. I literally cant believe how fast time has flown by. Today in our district meeting we were talking about obedience and we had to share how our outlook on obedience has changed here on the mission. Obedience is so important. We should be obedient because WE LOVE GOD. not for obligation or fear. Here on the mission my desire to be obedient has grown so much. I literally have a list of things that I need to do my whole life to be obedient. I have changed so much through the atonement of Jesus Christ here on the mission and I know that I am going to keep changing more and more each day as I keep being obedient. What a blessing to have this time to change and become more like the Savior. I challenge all of your to choose a few things in your life that you can do to be more obedient. Obedience is an act of faith because sometimes we dont really understand why we have to be obedient to certain commandments. But as we obey with faith, our faith in the Lord and in the specific commandment will grow! Obedience is the first law of Heaven. And so if we are not obedient here on earth, we would not fit in or feel comfortable in the Heaven! Entonces... Hay que ser obedientes!!

I love you all so much and hope you all have a good week!!

Hermana Dibb

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Hey everyone!! I love you all so much!! I just wanted to share one of my favorite scriptures with you all today.

I dont know how it is in English. But it is is Mosiah 5:13. In spanish it says,

Porque ¿como conoce un hombre al amo a quien no ha servido, que es un extraño para el, y se halla lejos de los pensamientos y de las intenciones de su corazon?

This is something we shoudl ask ourselves all the time. Does Christ know us? Are we serving him sufficiently to the point where he knows us. Or are we too far from him in our thoughts and our heart. I love this scripture and it has motivated me to serve Christ in everything that I do with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. It has motivated me to change the thoughts in my head and the intentions in my heart because I want to KNOW Christ. And I want him to be able to KNOW me because I served him and followed him during my time on earth.

I love you all so much!

Hermana Dibb

my zone.  

i fit right in... hahaa.  

a good lunch for missionaries... 

they love to do my hair... i love it too...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Makayla didn't send out an email until today because she was with her Zone in a different area of the mission.  Here is her message this week.

I found this quote that I love so much!! It says, "When we ponder His voluntary atonement, any sense of sacrifice on our part becomes completely overshadowed by a profound sense of gratitude for the privilege of serving Him." - Russell M. Nelson I love this quote! And it is so true. If we really do comprehend the atonement, we will never feel like we are sacrificing things. We will just feel happy and grateful for the opportunity to love and serve Christ, here on the mission, in the house, callings in the church and in any circumstance. I am excited because in 2 weeks Russell M. Nelson is coming to Guate to talk to us! It will be so amazing!

President Markham gave us a challenge to read the book of Enos everyday for 30 days without missing even one day. He said as we do this we will understand prayer and the power of the atonement better and be able to apply it better in our lives. Not just prayer but prayer with purpose. I am doing this and also challenge all of you to do it! I promise that you will have the desire to experience was Enos experienced.

Right now our teaching pool is a little bit.. difficult. Hahah. The Zone I am in is the zone that all the people say... Oh. That stinks. You are going to the hardest zone. But hey. I know that there are miracles here. We see miracles everyday. And maybe the people cant really understand us because we don't speak their dialect but... I know that God is preparing people here and there are people that are prepared. And it doesn't matter because the spirit speaks their dialect. So I am just trying to live worthy to have the spirit with me and I know that we will find the people that are waiting. hahaha. We are teaching a few people that are pretty positive. A little girl that is the friend of a family of members. She is going to get baptized on Sunday but we cant find her mom to sign the baptism registro because her mom works in the Capital and she just lives in her house with her sisters. So we are praying and hoping that her mom will return before sunday to be able to sign the paper.


Hermana Dibb

Thursday, August 6, 2015


I am focusing on looking for and recognizing blessings. I know that God is helping me and I am so thankful. I am always smiling because the truth is I love the mission. I love the work of the Lord. It is so happy and wonderful.What I am trying to focus on right now is changing. not just changing my attitude but changing my nature. and I know that I can only do that through Jesus Christ. It is such an amazing feeling to be changed and to keep changing everyday. i love that the mission has taught me the importance of change through the power of the atonement.
I am learning patience. I am grateful for this opportunity I have to learn and grow and train my sister. Because I love my companion. We are working hard and get along great.

Time in the mission is so weird. it is sad. it is sad because I only have a certain amount of time left on the mission. I am realizing that because in my district of missionaries I have been in the mission field the longest. I have been here longer than the district leader and his companion.
But it is also sad because I know that it is going to go by so fast because seriously. time is just so crazy.

Love Hermana Dibb

Wednesday, July 29, 2015



the elders in my district.  

mayan altar. super creepy but they really did sacrifices here.  

part of a mayan ruin.

hermana miranda... hahaha.  

it rained. a lot.  

mi hija

a family i love so much. we made mickey mouse pancakes. mmm.  

hahahah. elder montero. he is from dominican republic. super funny.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

welp... im pregnant.

Yep. I'm pregnant. hahaha. with child! let me explain a little bit.. hahah.
On the mission, our trainers are our parents. the people getting trained are kids. and i received the call that I will be training a new missionary this change.... Changes are tomorrow so I will meet mi hija tomorrow! I am not going to lie. I am a little nervous. But there is a line from the Joseph Smith movie that I love that is something like... The Lord calls us in our weakness but qualifies us for the work. I know that I am going to learn a lot this next change. I am excited to change and grow even more through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Training will be difficult but I know that I can do it only with the help of my Savior.

I love the people here in San Lucas Toliman. There is one family that is so awesome. They live pretty high up in the mountains in a little town called San Andres. One of the kids is named Felix and he is 6 years old. He is so funny and so awesome. Everytime we go visit them he leaves running to go invite one of his friends or some of the kids in the neighborhood. one of the times we visited them this week he was like... I am going to go invite someone. We waited and were expecting him to bring one of the kids that he always brings. Well he returned with a lady that leaves in the same street! Hahahah. It was so awesome!!! We really do have to be like little kids in so many ways. He has no fear. He always says that the church is true and he cant wait to get baptized. He just wants everyone to hear the message and go to church too and I love it!! I love what we can learn from los niños.

I love you all so much! Remember to never be afraid to share the gospel with others. Share through your example and invite them to listen to the missionaries or read the book of mormon. Share your testimony with them!! I promise that you will feel so much joy!!

I love you all!

Hermana Dibb

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pictures this week

 Baptism of Fernando! wooohooo!! and his whole family. super happy.... haha. no really they are happy. it is just that guatemaltecos dont smile in pictures.... haha.

 Hermana Elma y Hermana Virginia. So cute... hahaha.

 My birthday cake! wooohoo! super yummy.

 Panajachel. so pretty.

 Fruit that is neon purple and super good. mmm.

 so pretty. ahhh. I love Guatemala.

we cant go in the water so on land it is. hahha.

my first rootbeer for almost 7 months!! What... I was so happy. People here dont like it because it tastes like a cough medicine that they have. We found it in Panajachel. A tourist town. 

volcano and canoe. so cool