I am Hermana Makayla Dibb, a missionary representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I am serving in the Guatemala Guatemala City Central mission!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I am so happy that it is conference. I have a quote that I want to share with you all!! Conference is so important and we need to prepare so that we can receive the revelation we need!!

"The living prophet is more important to us than a dead prophet...God´s revelation to Adam did not instruct Noah how to build the Ark. Noah needed his own revelation. Therefore, the most important prophet, so far as you and I are concerned, is th eone living in our day and age to whom the Lord is currently revealing His will for us. Therefore, the most important reading we can do is any of the words of the prophet... contained each month in our Church magazines. Our marching orders for each six months are found in the general conference addresses, which are printed in the Liahona magazine... Beware of those who would pit the dead prophets against the living prophets, for the living prophets always take precedence."

So cool! Listen to conference with the Spirit and God will give you the revelation that you need in these next 6 months!! I promise!! I am so excited and you should all be excited too!!

Our investigator, Jeremias, is excited to hear from the prophet. We had a lesson with him on sunday. He doesnt want to accept a date for baptism because he thinks it is too soon. I challenged him with another date, the 11 of october. He said no. And I didnt say anything. Then he set his own baptism date!! He said... the 17 of october. It was literally a miracle and I am so happy that he now has a date and goal to get baptized! He is so awesome!!

I love you all so much and hope you all have an amazing conference weekend!!

Hermana Dibb

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This Week

This week has been awesome!!

It is raining everyday. And everyone says that it will get worse in october. I love the mountains and volcano's. They are so pretty and awesome!! 

Hermano Jeremias wants to get baptized, just not right now. It is so difficult because he is so ready and prepared but we are going to keep working hard with him!! 

We are reading the book of mormon in 90 days as a mission. I have been reading in Nephi and thinking a lot about the difference between Nephi, Laman, and Lemuel. They were all obedient in leaving Jerusalem. But the difference is that the hearts of Laman and Lemuel never left. do we live in the present or did we leave our hearts back in Jerusalem, in the past?

I don't have a lot of time but know that I love you all so much!! It is time to leave Jerusalem and take our hearts with us!!

Hermana Dibb


 River running down the street.  Lot's of rain

We were able to attend the temple.  First time since January.  I was so happy...

Beautiful view from up high...

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Castigo Maya

This last week, they voted here in Guatemala and it was super crazy before voting in San Lucas because 4 years ago there were so many problems. Everyone was so scared for voting. The problem is that here in the Zone of Solola the people still use the castigo maya. which is burning. They burn people to death and they burn buildings. Pretty much when something doesn't go right or how they want they burn it. hahah.  There was talk that if one of the guys won as mayor they were going to burn him and the buildings that supported him and everything. But the good thing is that elections are over and he didn't win so no one was burned. Until the next criminal...

Also something fun that happened yesterday. I received my first... and last.... hair "trim" in Guatemala. "just the ends" I said... hahah. And now my hair is even shorter than before the mission! oh well!! Good times!! I love Guatemala!!

I want you all to read in Luke 24 about the road to emmaus. I found a poem that is super awesome and I want to share it. it says...
what we think of as patience may acutally be perspective. The ability to see things as they really are gives us the courage to wait upon the Lord even when life take unexpected turns. The story of the road to Emmaus illustrates this principle beautifully.

Too often we are like those two
Who walked along the road.
We thnk that we are all alone
With none to share the load.

We do not see our loving friend
Beside us on our way.
Carrying us through life´s dark nights
Into a brighter day.

So as we walk our own roads to
Emmaus may we see
That we will never be alone
Unless we choose to be.

I love this so much!! It is so important to understand that we will never be alone. Christ will always be there.

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! Always remember that you will never be alone. Remember that Christ loves you and will always be there to walk by your side.

Hermana Dibb

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Another change in San Lucas Toliman

Well we have changes tomorrow but we are staying together for another change here in San Lucas Toliman! I am so happy because we have some super awesome people here right now that we have found that are progressing a ton.

This last week we visited a reference from the elders in Panajachel. He works at an orphange in the area of the elders and the elders have been teaching the kids in the orphanage. He always listens and is reading the book of Mormon. So we went to visit him and he is super awesome! seriously! He is so prepared. His little brother was there as well and he is super positive. We visited them on Saturday and invited them to Church the next day and they came! It was such a miracle!

The conference was pretty awesome with Elder Nelson. I learned so much! He ended up going to El Salvador and we watched it via satellite. He couldn't come here because there are some things that are happening in Guatemala that aren't very safe. And it wouldn't have been smart for him to come and gather a bunch of missionaries together to have a conference. But I learned so much from the conference. Something I loved that he said is... The Lord uses the unlikely to accomplish the impossible. I love that! It is so true. As missionaries and as members of the church, the Lord uses us to do the impossible. We just have to have an open heart and an open mind. We have to be willing to do His will and he can work through us to do the impossible. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to be here on the mission to do the work of the Lord. To do the impossible!

I love you all so much and hope all is well!

Hermana Dibb