I am Hermana Makayla Dibb, a missionary representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I am serving in the Guatemala Guatemala City Central mission!

Monday, November 9, 2015

This Week


this week has been a crazy week of learning and loving the new people and area!! we grow so much on the mission and sometimes in ways we didnt think were possible.

this sunday we left the house super early to go pick up investigators. church starts at 8 so we left at 630. an hour and a half running around like crazy and no one came with us to church. we even got a note on the door of an investigator that said... cap and dibb  i cant go to church because i am not home. i laughed. hahaha. it was super sad but kind of funny. i was so stressed and just sad that we didnt see too much success and we worked so hard! but i know that we have to do all we can do and then just trust in God and allow the people to have their agency. but there is always a miracle you know?? a member brought a nephew nonmember to church and he is so awesome!! we are visiting him today.

we have also had some pretty funny things happening in the street. everyone has been yelling at us in english. but like super funny random things. like... hey.you want tacos? haha. and then some guy we were walking past did like kissy lips and sounds right in my face and it was so funny. oh guatemala. so funny.

the mission is so awesome. i love it with all my heart and cant believe how fast it is just flying by. i know that i need to be here. i know that i am becoming the person that God wants me to be every day here on the mission. it is hard to explain, but i know without a doubt that our heavenly father has a perfect plan for every single one of us and we just have to love it and enjoy it, because it is perfect. sometimes things dont make sense to us but God does everything for a reason, and with time we will come to understand why things had to happen or why we are doing certain things. Having an eternal perspective is so important. We just have to trust our Father and Heaven and do his will and we will be happy. i know it!

i love all of you!! have a great week!!

hermana dibb

Saying goodbye to san lucas toliman

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