I am Hermana Makayla Dibb, a missionary representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I am serving in the Guatemala Guatemala City Central mission!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

mmm, Cow Liver

Buenas Tardes!!

This week was good! It is so so so hot here. Everyday is just hotter and hotter. The rainy season here in La Gomera is going to start in May I think. But it is crazy hot! We fasted this last Sunday and it was so hard! But we literally saw miracles! We ended our fast at a house that we always eat at on Sundays. We ended our fast with cow liver and beets! Yummm. Hahaha. It was not way bad but it was interesting!

Also yesterday Hermana Klindt was trying to cut her hair on Pday by herself. Hahah. So I was trying to help her and then eventually I just cut it. I cut like 3 inches off. But pretty much I am a hairstylist now. Not really but her hair was fried. From the sun and everything so she just really felt like trimming it up and it was pretty funny.

A fun fact about Guatemala. McDonalds here is like a gourmet restaurant. Hahaha. The people here love it. And us as missonaries... Oh man. We love McDonalds. But seriously. Everyone talks about how the workers at McDonalds are just so awesome. Always smiling! I love it because it is kind of the opposite at home...

We have been finding some awesome people to teach. Last week we found a man names Alvaro. He is so awesome! We had a first lesson with him and gave him the pamphlet of the restoration to read and when we came back for the second lesson, he pretty much taught us the restoration! It was so awesome! He hasnt been able to come to church because of work so we are hoping he can come this sunday though. That is the biggest problem here is that everyone works on Sunday! It is so frustrating that Sunday has just become another day for so many people. Sunday is a special day. A day to renew our covenants, learn more of Christ, and rest from our labors. The way we live on the Sabbath Day is how we demonstrate our love and devotion to the Lord. Think of some things that you could do on Sunday to demonstrate to God your love and gratitude for all he has given you!

Les Amo!! Tengan muy feliz semana!!

Hermana Dibb

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