I am Hermana Makayla Dibb, a missionary representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I am serving in the Guatemala Guatemala City Central mission!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy 2015


This week has been the longest and shortest week of my life. Time is so strange here at the CCM. And probably just the mission as well!

This week I learned a lot more spanish... Hahaah. Well tried to learn at least. Oh man. It is difficult! But I have definitely learned a lot. We also started teaching investigators. Our investigators are really our teachers but they act like real people they know in their lives that they feel they should. Our first investigator is David.... our teacher Hermano Escobar. We taught him a few lessons and I really struggled. Our spanish is no bueno. And I really wanted to say stuff but I didn't know how... Hahaha. We have taught him 4 times and each time it gets better. Last night when we taught him he committed to being baptized. The spirit was so strong! Even though it's not real... hahaha. I felt the spirt so strong and so did he. And I was so excited. It made me really excited to get out there and really try to help others come unto Christ.

I really like my teachers. They are awesome! They don't really speak english though... they can kind of speak english but not really. It's really funny. But they are all so awesome! We have 3. One Hermana and dos Hermanos.  

For New Years eve.... We had a normal day and had a really good dinner with lots of desserts. It was really good. Then we watched meet the mormons before bed which was awesome. We still went to bed at 1030 though. We could hear fireworks all night. And I do go to bed at 1030... weird, right? But I go to bed and wake up and it's fine!! Hahaah. No problems with sleeping.

Sunday was fast sunday. Sacrament meeting is in spanish and I had to play the piano... ayaya. I'm the only one here that knows how. And I have to just play right hand most the time because I don't know the songs they want me to play! Oh well! But I also bore my testimony! IN SPANISH! it was so simple but I felt the spirit so strong! It was a great experience.

In one of the devotionals this week we talked about faith in Christ. Something that came to my mind while we were talking about the difference in knowing about Christ and knowing Christ really made a difference for me and made me realize someting. We can know about Christ by reading about him and his life and what he did for us and that is really important to know about. But something that is even more important is applying his teachings and following his example in our every day lives and especially applying the Atonement, Expiacion, in every aspect of our lives, every day! I believe that is when we truly come to know Christ.

The food here is good! I like it! We eat beans a lot. Lunch and dinner. And breakfast. Lots of beans and rice. Also potatoes which I'm fine with! Hahaha. I love President Cox and his wife. They are so awesome. There aren't a lot of people here, especially right now so we are so close with them and eachother. The Latinas left this morning to go on their missions. It was so sad. I will miss them! We get new ones tonight though!!

Also... They took my camera away when I got here because apparently they had issues in the past with someone taking bad pictures here or something. I don't know. So we can't take pictures in the CCM. So sad!! But one of the Senior Hermanas has taken some pictures so she will email them to me soon and i will send them. I heard it's really cold in Utah right now. Not here! It is awesome weather here!!!

Today for pday we went on a tour of Guatemala City! We saw the poor parts and the nicer parts! It was so awesome. I love Guatemala. We went to this huge map and stood on a tower and looked at it. It is like the mountain ranges of Guatemala and it is like 3D. it was really cool! then we went to the central market in guatemala city where they have a bunch of stands of stuff to buy. It was so awesome. I loved everything they sold. It was all like hand made and just beautiful. I bought a hair pin thing. I wanted to by everything though. My next purchase will be a falda, skirt. I love them!! We then ate at Wendy's, lol, and then went contacting in the plaza right by a huge Cathedral and the big government palace. So beautiful. Mi companera and I placed one book of mormon and got his address. it was awesome. Our spanish was so bad. hahaha. But we got the message across and he understood and accepted the book! It was so so so scary. but I am excited to go out there and work in like 5 weeks. hopefully my spanish will be much better at that point!! Also we have these mountains by us that are like pure trees with huge houses in them. They are so pretty. I will try to take a picture before I leave.

I love you all so much!! Have a wonderful week!


Hermana Dibb

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