I am Hermana Makayla Dibb, a missionary representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I am serving in the Guatemala Guatemala City Central mission!

Friday, January 16, 2015

So... This week has been good! Things are getting really repetitive which kind of is hard but oh well!

I got called as the Hermana Music Leader. I am the only one that can play the piano so I have to play the piano for sacrament meeting and devotionals and all that fun stuff... Hahahaha. And I only know like 6 hymns.. So I mess up a lot but esta bien. Now I get to choose the songs I mess up on.... Hahaha.

I have memorized the baptismal invitation and the first vision in spanish. And the first few verses in D and C 4. In spanish. So that's cool!

One thing I found that is funny... hahaha. So the word for fish is pescado. and the word for sin is pecado. So I have tried to engrave into my mind the difference in these two words because it would be so funny to get them mixed up! Hahaha. So many people do and it's so funny. "We can be forgiven of our fish." Hahahaha.

Also. Outside my window there is a Catholic school! There are nuns that walk across the school yard and stuff. And I just can't help but think Nacho Libre... Hahahaha. It just makes me kind of happy.

Our mission president gave us T25 videos to work out to in the mornings. Oh my goodness. I have been so sore. I am not in shape. Hahahaah. But! I am hoping to be in better shape by the time I leave here. They are hard videos. But it's pretty fun. My whole district does them together. I love my district. They are all so awesome and we all get along really well. We got more Americans here but they are obviously in a different district. It is weird having them here. We got two new girls in our room! Both from Utah! Really nice girls!!

I have been struggling with Spanish. Patience is a virtue that I need to gain. I just want to speak and understand. But I don't and it frustrates me. A lot. But something my teacher said this week really stuck out to me. He said that we were called to Guatemala to speak What Language? Spanish. So we need to speak it. So I have been trying to speak it more throughout the day. Plus our teachers get really mad if they hear us speaking English. So.... It's hard. I can't express my feelings and thoughts in Spanish like I can in English. But I know I need to keep trying and I need to try and work harder and I will be able to speak it. Patience.... Hahaha.

This week Hermana Hill and I taught an Investigator and we planned on teaching her the Restoration. She is really our teacher by the way. But anyway... We got in there and started talking to her and the lesson went a completely different way. We were speaking Spanish very well. And about something we didn't even really know. The spirit was so strong. It really taught me that we need to teach people, not lessons. And also... We might not speak spanish... but the spirit does. And the spirit is the true teacher. Following the spirit when you teach is the most important. It was an awesome experience and I learned a lot from it.

I love you all so much! I got some pictures from the nurse from our adventure in Guatemala City last week. So I will attach those! Have a wonderful week!


Hermana Dibb

A few pictures of their visit to Guatemala City Central...

First Book of Mormon:)

My awesome Companion

Views from around the city...

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