I am Hermana Makayla Dibb, a missionary representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I am serving in the Guatemala Guatemala City Central mission!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

5 months! WHAT?!

I have 5 months on the mission. I cant believe it! Seriously. 

This past week it rained like crazy. Within like 2 minutes of it raining we were just completely soaked. It is so nice. But it started getting kind of cold... It was super weird to feel cold in La Gomera. Hahah. But like right now it is hot as ever. It looks like it might rain today but we will have to see.

Something super awesome that I have been studying a little bit is about sacrifices. There are two example in the bible. The story of Abraham in Genesis 22 and the story of the joven rico ( I cant remember how to say it in english)  in Luke 18. These examples are different. Abraham was willing to give up everything and anything for God and the joven rico wasnt willing to even give up his worldy possessions to inherit the kingdom of God. I like to think about where I am at in these two examples. What am I willing to sacrifice? Am I more like Abraham or the joven rico? How can I be more like Abraham? Another example of sacrifice is Jesus Christ. His sacrifice is the greatest of all. None of us are as willing to accept the will of God and sacrifice like Jesus Christ, but how can we work on this trait more in our lives?

I love you all so much! And hope you have a good week!!

Hermana Dibb

pupusas. food from el salvador. Mmmmm. So good.

why we cant drink the water from the faucet. yes. they are worms. straight up parasitic worms. Hahaha. from our sink.

this family... i just love them with all my heart. seriously.

water party as a zone for pday! hahah.

on my suitcase last night. so freaky. it freaked me out. 

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