I am Hermana Makayla Dibb, a missionary representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I am serving in the Guatemala Guatemala City Central mission!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Maricruz and Hivan!!!


It is still blazing hot here! And just getting hotter! What a blessing! How is the weather in Utah? Yesterday I went to the paca for the first time and bought a skirt. Pacas are like little stores with clothes and I dont know if they are used or what. But sometimes there are shirts that say BYU on them so I think they get a lot of their clothes from the DI. Anyway... I bought a skirt for 10 quetzales. That is equivalent to about $1.50! woooo hooooo! And it is super cute... not. We love the pacas though. They are the best.

Maricruz and Hivan were baptized on Sunday! It was so amazing. They are so amazing. I love them so much. After they were baptized they shared their testimonies and it was so amazing to me to see the change that they have experienced. They are so willing to obey whatever the Lord asks them to do. Before, Hivan worked on Sundays. But he wanted to go to church to obey the commandment and so he could get baptized. So he went and looked for a different job and found one. This happened a few weeks ago! What a miracle. So he was able to get baptized with Maricruz. The only downside is his job is in Santa Lucia, so they are moving there this week. But they are so willing to do it because they have so much faith and trust in the Lord. Their baptism was beautiful and they are so amazing. It was such a happy day!

I love Guatemala. It is so beautiful. When we travel a lot in the buses for big meetings I love it. I love all the green and all the trees. There are volcanos and those are really cool to see! It is a beautiful country and I am so lucky to be here! And the people are even better! I love them!!!

Have a good week!!! Les amo!!!

Hermana Dibb

P.S.  something fun, I got called as leader of retention... hahah. for my district. So thats fun! I have to call everyone in my district every sunday and see who is going to church out of the recent converts... the stats are not too great! like about 50 percent of new converts attend. Pray for me so I can know how to make them better

Maricruz and Hivan's baptism...

My first skirt from the Paca (bargain.. $1.50)

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