I am Hermana Makayla Dibb, a missionary representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I am serving in the Guatemala Guatemala City Central mission!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Wooo! For Pday this week we went to Sipacate to the beach! I love the beach! Guatemala is so so beautiful! We played a little bit of futbol and we played capture the flag! It was so fun!

This week was good! We have a family that we are teaching right now. They are all awesome. Maricruz and Hivan are getting married this week and hopefully maricruz will be baptized on Sunday! This week we started teaching the brother of Maricruz. His name is Ernesto! He is awesome! He wasnt being taught before but he decided that he wanted to start learning and going to church. We started teaching him and he is so willing to just do what he has to do. To do what God says. To read and pray and asist church! He is willing to stop a lot of the things that he has had problems with in the past and obey the commandments. It is amazing to see his desire to change and that he acts on it and is changing! He is so prepared for this. Heavenly Father definitely prepares people for this message! It is amazing. Him and his family and so ready and willing to change and follow Christ. It is amazing. 

This week I read in Mosiah 24. Alma and his people are in bondage and have many burdens. They pray and the Lord says to them the he will eventually deliver them out of bondage, but while they were in bondange He would help them. In verse 15 it says "The Lord did strengthem them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord." These people are amazing examples. Sometimes we have challenges or burdens that we ask the Lord to just take away. But it´s not always His will or timing. But. He will always help us bear our burdens and afflictions. And like these people we should "submit cheerfully and with patience to ALL the will of the Lord."We need to realize that the Lord will help us. WE will be able to bear our burdens and our challenges. But we need to do it with patience and cheer. And try to align our will with the will of the Lord. They were patient and bore their burdens cheerfully and the Lord delivered them out of bondange. Sometimes we have challenges and things that we feel we can not bear. But the Lord is always there to help. He has His will and timing, and sometimes we just want our problems to go away. But we need to realize that is not how it is. That is not how we learn and grow. The Lord will help us in our trials. Always. But we have to ask. We need to be grateful for the help that the Lord gives us every day and be patient and endure through the hard things in life. 

I love you all so much! have an amazing week!!


Hermana Dibb

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