I am Hermana Makayla Dibb, a missionary representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I am serving in the Guatemala Guatemala City Central mission!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I really love the mission. It doesnt get better than this. Sometimes it hits me suddenly that I am a missionary. That i am literally a missionary. I love it. It is the best feeling ever.

We have some positive people that will be baptized this month. On Thursday two of our investigators will get baptized. Esteffany and Erick. Man. I love them so much. Seriously. I never thought I could love people so much. Esteffany is 15. She just had a baby. Se has wanted to get baptized for while but didn't want to risk it pregnant. Her family has some cultural beliefs that are kind of different, but we've got to respect and understand those. She has almost finished the Book of Mormon. she started reading in october. She is so amazing!! Eric is her boyfriend. The coolest thing with him is that he was not interested in the gospel at all a month ago so we didn't really teach him. Esteffanys brother is a convert that got baptized in October and he gave a family home evening one monday night, when eric was there, about the temple and family history work. This convert Luis is AWESOME. Well turns out that the spirit of Elijah touched Erics heart in that family home evening and he is now so excited to be able to do the work for some of his family members that have passed on. So amazing.

I seriously love this time here on the mission. I cant imagine what my life would have been without the experiences I have had, am having, and will have on the mission. The mission is what I needed to be able to apply the Atonement more fully in my life in order to be able to change. I am not even close to perfect, but i have improved so many things that i needed to change and improve. Through Christ. I testify of my Savior. He helps us. He carries us. He lifts us. He comforts us. He motivates us. He encourages us. He heals us. He forgives us. He saves us. He understands us. He knows us. HE LOVES US. I am forever grateful for the privilege I have to testify of Him everyday and I will never go a day without testifying of my Savior.

I love you all!! have a good week!

hermana dibb

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