I am Hermana Makayla Dibb, a missionary representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I am serving in the Guatemala Guatemala City Central mission!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I am in La Gomera! It is by the coast, about a 40 minute bus ride. I love it! It is the hottest sisters area... and man IT IS HOT! Hahaha. We sweat so so much. It´s beautiful though!! My trainer is Hermana Klindt and she is from Utah. She is so awesome!! I love her!! She is such an amazing example to me of exact obedience! That is something that we NEED in the mission so we can be worthy to have the spirit with us. We live in a little house and it´s awesome! I´ll send pictures. We don´t get hot water, which is a blessing. Because when we shower in the morning it feels so good! And this morning our water didn´t work at all so we ended up using a bucket. So that was fun!! The people here are so wonderful! And for the most part pretty nice!! My spanish.... Hahahaah. Oh man. I get really frustrated with myself because I want to have awesome conversations with people but I´m just not there yet. I am learning patience with myself. And also patience with the people. It is awesome. Patience is a Christlike attribute and I am so happy that I am learning how to be more patient!! Also in our house we have lots of little friends. So the roof doesn´t really cover the whole house. We always have little lizards running around the walls which is good because they eat the bugs. But... We think we have a rat or a mouse right now... Ayayay. So we are trying to poison that and get it out! 

My mission president and his wife are so awesome. One of the rules of our mission is that everytime we leave the house we leave with a book of mormon in our hands. The book of mormon is so powerful! I gave one to a family on the bus today and I hope they read it because the book of mormon strengthens families! If you read the book of mormon your testimony of Jesus Christ will grow! I know it! So read the book of mormon. Everyday! Another rule we have is when we get on buses we have to contact the bus. So we always go up to the front and yell super loud that we are missionaries. We bear our testimony of the gospel and then we walk around and get contacts. It was scary at first but now I am not as scared. Hahaha. And the buses are LOCO. Seriously. People are just piled on top of one another and then people come on and try to sell stuff and it´s just crazy. But so funny. Funny things happen on the buses. We don´t ride buses in our city because we just walk but when we go to meetings we are on buses for like 3 hours at a time. hahaha. Oh Guatemala. I love it here!! 

Two of our investigators right now are Mari Crus and Hivan. They have a baby and she is almost one and so so cute! They are both so awesome. Hermana Klindt and her old companion found them and they just are amazing. They both want to be baptized and are just waiting for the Muni to let them get married! So we are praying for a miracle and hoping Mari Cruz can get baptized this Sunday!! 

I love all of you! Have an amazing week!!


Hermana Dibb

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